tollo, an example.

It was WorkMore’s foundational approach that brought tollo to life. When founders Dan and Ian began their journey with us, they had experience, they had vision and they had drive. They just did not have a name, a brand, or well articulated aesthetic.

Tollo Logo by WorkMore Inc.

We got together, had a few beers in a boardroom, identified every value they share and began doodling on the walls. Creating and capturing the brand in the word: tollo.

tollo, from a latin dialect means to raise, to lift, to elevate. That’s on brand. tollo is challenging the status quo by living intentionally through every aspect of life, by creating products that, “fulfill the basic living and workspace needs with the intent to live better, live smarter and live happier”. It was our challenge to draft a brand that was sophisticated, timeless and different.

We needed to ‘tollo’ our branding practices; so we did just that.

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