our niche: being the best.
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tollo, an example.

brand identity, media production, consulting, and market implementation for calgary’s most unorthodox real estate venture.

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Representing the black-sheep-in-a-white-herd mentality of founder’s Dan MacKinnon and Ian Ball’s real estate project; from idea to implementation.

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Tollo, from a latin dialect means to raise, to lift, to elevate. It was our challenge to create a brand that was sophisticated, timeless and different.


services provided.

brand story and identity design, web development, event photography, cinematography, digital marketing, media management.

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“fulfill the basic living and workspace needs with the intent to live better, live smarter and live happier”


" to raise, to lift up, to elevate”

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Friends and Family Sales Launch Event.

Friends and Family Sales Launch Event.

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